What are 5 Common Warning Signs of Prostate Cancer?

In several cases, prostate cancer doesn’t show clear signs in its early stages of development. In fact, numerous men might have prostate cancer without even acknowledging it.

Though, there are few common symptoms that could show a person has prostate cancer. Five of the most widely recognized signs include:

  • Pain and/or a “burning feeling” while peeing or discharging
  • Frequent urination, particularly during the night-time
  • Problem beginning urination, or stopping urination once in progress
  • Unexpected erectile dysfunction
  • Blood in one or the other urine or semen

Of course, these five signs are not the only main signs of prostate cancer. Other potential indicators could comprise weak urine flow, and unexplained pain deep in the groin area when sitting down. (The prostate gland is located beneath the bladder and in front of the rectum.) If cancer has spread outside the prostate, a man might also suffer lower body swelling, irregular urinary or bowel habits, or possibly sudden weight loss.

What Must You Do if You Have the Signs of Prostate Cancer?

If you are getting one or more of the signs of prostate cancer, then it would be wise to promptly consult with a skilled physician. Your signs might show another, less serious condition; and even if you do receive a diagnosis of prostate cancer, it is a lot simpler to treat this illness when detected from the beginning.

Who is the best doctor?

Dr. Shrikanth Atluri is the Best Prostate Cancer Expert in Mumbai he is an experienced doctor in all types of cancers. Removal of the prostate by robotic surgery has transformed the treatment of prostate cancer.

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