Why Should You Build Your Web Application In ASP.net Framework?

Developing application in ASP.net technology reduces coding time-line.

When you are developing a large portal, it generally needs 6 to 8 months for programmers to develop a strategy, design, and coding. With ASP.net framework custom application coding time-line is reduced by 80%.

Better performance compared to a PHP framework

Since ASP.net application development utilizes native optimization, early binding, caching services, and just-in-time compilation, the performance of an ASP.net web portal is better than a PHP application.

Security is the major benefit of ASP.net applications

Since ASP.net is Microsoft licensed software with Windows authentication, the applications developed using ASP.net framework are safe and secure.

ASP.NET framework has inbuilt ability to monitor

Asp.net framework will constantly and continuously monitor applications, components, and pages that it is running. It will destroy all activities which take place like infinite loops and memory leaks

ASP.net applications are easy to deploy on a client-side server

The ASP.net configuration information is already built into the system, which is going to make programmers life easy for deployment on client side server.

Designing and developing pages are easy in ASP.net framework

ASP.net has inbuilt WYSIWYG Web Builder which makes any application user-friendly from admin. Client and their users can add, edit, data in ASP.net application easily without any training.

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