Top 20 Best Alternatives to SharePoint

Top 20 Best Alternatives to SharePoint

February 5, 2024
10:17 am

Microsoft SharePoint is a technology that allows businesses to share and store content securely. It works with Microsoft Office and is offered as a component of Microsoft 365. SharePoint is used by businesses to build intranet sites that house all the critical data employees require to perform their duties. Libraries and metadata are examples of content management features included in SharePoint. Depending on the requirements of your company, the best SharePoint alternatives are available, each with special features. Here are 20 popular alternatives: 1. Creative Social Intranet: Creative Social Intranet Software is an employee intranet portal where companies may share Top 20 Best Alternatives to SharePoint web design

Are They Still Good for Your ASP.NET Website in 2020?

April 20, 2020
12:05 pm

You can get significant advantages with a Windows-driven hosting solution if you are using ASP and .NET scripts or Microsoft Exchange. However, prior to going further with the discussion, let’s understand one thing: It isn’t compulsory to have a Windows server only because you use a Windows PC or laptop. Web hosting is completely independent what set-up you have at your home or in the office. When Should You Opt for Windows Hosting? Maximum of the websites globally are hosted on Linux servers. This is because it a great operating system used for general purpose and Windows requires having specific Are They Still Good for Your ASP.NET Website in 2020?

5 Reasons to Take Up a Photoshop Course Today

5 Reasons to Take Up a Photoshop Course Today

July 16, 2019
8:36 am

All photographers, whether pro or amateur, are always on the lookout for various ways and means to improve their craft. This usually means learning about and putting into practice new techniques which will help them come up with amazing photos that will take them to the next level. Regardless of your skill level in photography, you can amp up your game by learning about Photoshop. An Adobe Photoshop course is the industry standard for digital image enhancement and editing and, as such, mastering it will give you a leg up as you pursue this profession. As a photographer, there are 5 Reasons to Take Up a Photoshop Course Today

Responsibilities of Help Desk IT Software.

May 30, 2019
10:53 am

A Help Desk or IT service desk does exactly what its name suggest that means it is there to help you when problems arises. Everyday we rely on IT help desk software to solve user issues. When businesses start they depend on emails for support. As the business grows, moving beyond email as the primary source of channel becomes critical. Your support needs to scale with your business. If the business is struggling to keep up with the requests and the inboxes are piled up with unanswered emails then it might be time for help desk platforms in your business Responsibilities of Help Desk IT Software.

What’s the role of the website in your business?

December 22, 2018
6:45 am

A website is a huge collection of information about an exact theme or subject matter. Designing a superior, uncommon site requests the correct merger of an accord, aim, tools, viewers and exceptional content. A site goes about as a booklet of an individual, big or small entities which comprises of a comprehensive explanation about the intention of the website An efficient and well-developed website can create an immense business without fail for a much longer time Why Web Designing India? We have exclusive competence in giving quality web design services to worldwide customers. We can produce a versatile custom website What’s the role of the website in your business?

Best Intranet Hosting Solutions Singapore

Best Intranet Hosting Solutions Singapore

December 21, 2018
5:40 am

Intranet hosting & licensing alternatives by Creative in Singapore Creative offers exhaustive choices and transparency in aiding your organization the capacity to select the most suitable deployment alternative. In view of on what your organizations business requirements are, Creative Intranet Hosting Solutions can be easily set up on our SaaS cloud platform or on-premise. Cloud intranet solutions by Creative for the companies in Singapore Putting the competence of Microsoft Cloud into your intranet. Having an Office 365, searching for an exceptional social intranet software that can collaborate with office 365? Creative Intranet hosting furnishes employees with secure, anyplace, anytime access Best Intranet Hosting Solutions Singapore